We are proud and excited for our Bower Manly development to have been featured in the latest issue of Belle Magazine. In this article, our development partners Miriam Fanning (Mim Design Studio) and Koichi Takada (Koichi Takada Architects) discuss the unique creative opportunities Bower presented, and how they used their respective skill sets to design a residential building that perfectly fits its coastal environment.

"We tried to create a contemporary mood but with a nature-inspired, calming feel," explains Takada. "I call it invisible architecture; it’s about blending in with the landscape and it instantly puts you at ease."

"The emphasis was on framing the panoramic ocean views and ensuring a breathtaking backdrop to the airy, free-flowing living spaces," adds Fanning, noting that a "sophisticated coastal feel" was imperative to Bower's design.
You can read the full feature in Belle's November 2019 coastal edition.